Critically Analyzing, Silver Lining At The Time Of Pandemic: Unraveling The Positive Side Of Corona Virus In India


Critically Analyzing, Silver Lining At The Time Of Pandemic

Unravelling The Positive Side Of Corona Virus In India

Corona Virus In India: The novel coronavirus spread in India has brought nothing good to the country. Moreover, government’s unplanned lockdown and its extension, difficulties faced by migrant labours in big cities of the country, their harsh journey towards home, falling GDP and rising graph of corona cases made the pandemic situation even worst.

However, let’s take a moment to appreciate front line corona warriors who have been working every day to make things easier for the country. It is due to the hard work of our country’s medical professionals that, India tops the chart with maximum recovery rate at the Global level and this could be considered as a silver lining among all the chaos.

People are getting better | Negative reports bring positivity

Only precautions can save us from the infection of a novel coronavirus, this made following social distancing norms and wearing a mask at public places even more important.

Recovery rates of  Corona Virus In India

So it is strongly recommended by medical experts from all over the world, to follow all the safety protocols sincerely. Looking at the positive side of this whole pandemic situation, the recovery rate of corona cases in India is higher in comparison with the recovery rates of other countries.

In fact, Indian contributes to 21% of total recovered corona cases in the whole world. However, daily reported cases in India is also very high in numbers as more than 18% of the corona cases in the world are contributed by India.

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Another positive aspect in the pandemic stats

When the fatality rate of all the corona cases is compared among several countries, India reports one of the lowest CFR (case fatality rate).

At Global level fatality rate is about 3% but in India, it is as low as 1.5%. Speaking of deaths per million corona cases, India reports 73 deaths in the population of per million. While at the Global level the deaths per million counts to 130 in numbers. However, India is still badly hit with the virus and nothing could be said on several things like what could be done for people who lost their job?

What about education? Etc. The propaganda of claiming Janta Curfew to be a masterstroke as people will be at their homes and it would kill the coronavirus on its own seems like a joke now. Several other things also appear like a joke as the government made it official for not having any data of migrant labours who have died while returning home.

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How can you protect yourself and your loved ones?

As told earlier, precaution is the only way to stay safe from the infection of novel coronavirus and no remedy has been scientifically proved yet. Still, staying physically as well as mentally fit amidst the ongoing pandemic situation is extremely important.

Therefore, a routine of daily exercising and yoga might help you in relaxing. Along with that, give time to your family talk out about your stress and have a healthy diet.

Consuming healthy fruits and vegetables is suggested, again it is not scientifically proven but you can take lukewarm golden milk (turmeric powder mixed with milk) before going to bed. This is the right time to stand for humanity and help needy people around you as much as possible.

Avoid any kind of rumour, follow all the safety protocols with respect to Covid-19, break the stigma and trust nothing but the authentic source of information.

That’s pretty much it over the positive stats of the pandemic situation issued by the Health Ministry of India. Stay tuned with JK News for accessing all the news that matter.