What Can Stop The Increasing Cases Of Corona Virus In India? Will We Get Vaccine Till 2021?


What Can Stop The Increasing Cases Of Corona Virus In India? Will We Get Vaccine Till 2021?

After countries like Italy and the United States of America, the novel Corona virus curve is reaching to the peak in India as well. A couple of weeks ago, India crossed the mark of 5 million corona positive cases and the curve is not flattening since then.

On 28th of September the number of Corona positive cases in India crossed over 6 million and with the increasing pandemic, on one hand, people of India have started not caring about the safety protocols on the other hand. The sight of people gathering at public places neglecting while social distancing norms has become common now.

Along with that, people are also seen wearing a mask in a very inappropriate way the awareness campaigns are still functioning but for the greater good a lot more is required to be done.

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The Biggest Mystery of 2020 | COVID Vaccines

Several health organizations claim that with every passing day, they are getting closer to discover the sure-shot coronavirus vaccine.

A couple of months ago, Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev claimed that he will launch a health kit named Coronil and it might come in useful as a vaccine. However, the myths were busted real quick and it was made official that the kit might help in boosting the immunity of the body but it is not the vaccine. After that, Russia claimed that it has made the vaccine but it was also not completely reliable.

Let’s move further to know about the recent developments with respect to the biggest mystery of the year, i.e. coronavirus vaccine.


Covishield | AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine By Oxford

As it is said good things take time, it is expected that Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine entered in the third stage of testing after several speculations and delays. This vaccine is said to be efficient with respect to novel Corona virus and is developed by Oxford University while AstraZeneca worldwide, a British-Swedish company is marketing it.

This vaccine will be sold with the name of ‘Covishield’ it is one of the most prominent candidates of the vaccine among several others.

At Mumbai’s KEM hospital three volunteers administered this vaccine and its next batch has just started on 28th of September. It is expected that the trials for this vaccine will be conducted at about 17 places in the country. Last month, more than 1600 people were there in the second phase of trials.

Another good thing about this vaccine is that it delivers a very strong response with respect to immunity as well as it is capable of raising the level of antibodies. One of the most important things to fight the novel Corona virus is the immunity of a person.

Recently, the Health Ministry of India has signalled that next year’s initial couple of months might bring out the much-awaiting news of a perfectly functioning vaccine. The rising case of novel coronavirus is currently the biggest problems at the global level and a breakthrough is definitely the biggest need of the hour.


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