Ergomania | Gratuitous |Epochal in the philanthropic world


Ergomania (Gratuitous or Epochal in the philanthropic world) 

Ergomania: As you prosper in life, you want to capitulate the whole universe. When you are a kid, you just want to flutter the world, when you are youngish somewhat young), the nook and corner of the entire cosmos become college and you want to stun the world with your mind-boggling skills.

On attaining adulthood, while you become nascent, you are a bit matured. You gradually change your viewpoint, which is panoptic and unsubtle. This state of mind leads one to become ergomaniac.

Possessive towards work

Now here the word Ergomania is coined and the question arises about ergomania which is equivalent to excessive devotion to work and one becomes possessive towards work and works only, much close to become mentally ill.

But is it important for a philanthropist to hunch the world rather than to love and to be loved? Isn’t’ it gratuitous? We all have boarded the journey called life which has a short expiry and we don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us.

Sometimes people suffer abysmal health but still strive towards their destination like there is no tomorrow.




The philanthropic world needs only altruism and nothing else, which everyone has to agree on sooner or later. But life is not meant for bantering only. Everyone needs a goal; one should be astute and has to take his life demurely.

It seems rubbish to desecrate your life which has been given by God. We generally become distraught over petty issues. One needs immense patience to lead this life elatedly.

Don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am totally against the word Ergomania. One has to work till eternity; one has to learn new things in life and to lead this life eloquently and elegantly.


In my view, we will have to envisage on the work mania rather than Ergomania as it is epochal to lead a philanthropic world, because if we don’t find solace within ourselves, how can we aspire to be in peace with anybody.

We will always be in a phase of concussion unless we culminate this sabotage, which is emerging bit by bit in all of us every day.

Let’s embark on a new journey of life, where we have to collect our soul from a crestfallen and chaotic world, improving ourselves from lackadaisical to effervescent one and transform from gongoozler to gung ho. 

Kritika Puri