Facial Yoga : Anti-Aging Facial Yoga


Facial yoga

You all are aware of the word yoga and its purpose. But have you ever heard of the facial yoga and what is the use and purpose of this yoga? Well with this article your all doubts will be cleared.

What is facial yoga?

Our whole body describes our physical appearance as a human and in this whole physical existence our face plays a very vital role. Our face is the main thing which differentiates us from each other physically.

Facial yoga helps in keeping our face free from any kind of early ageing, stress, improves our facial expression and structure, maintains the glow and helps in expressing our overall personality.

Why is it important?

The practising of facial yoga is important because of the recent lifestyle we are living in. We are in a world where a big marathon named as success and career is going on due to which people are not able to give time to pamper themselves by taking care of their body or inner peace.

Your facial expression is considered as a human’s emotions book which is read by people to know a person’s current mental and physical situation.

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In what ways facial yoga is benefitted?

Facial yoga helps in following positive results

  1. Decrease ageing
  2. Improves blood circulation on the skin
  3. Gives a defined structure to the face
  4. Avoid extra chubbiness on face
  5. Improves skin quality and elasticity
  6. Gives a glowing and pigmented free skin
  7. Improves the life of delicate skin cells
  8. Get rid of puffiness under eyes and dark circles.

Above are the some main of the benefits of doing facial yoga

What is the facial yoga exercise to practice in our daily life?

below are listed with pictures facial yoga we should practice in our daily routine for 20 minutes

Kiss the ceiling –


To do this exercise gently look up above the ceiling and make a pout with your lips start blowing a kiss towards the ceiling. Do this for 10-15 times.


Eyebrow smoothing –

In this exercise,1 Inch above the eyebrow presses the skin tightly with your finger in the outward direction stretching the skin and smoothing lines formed in that area. Repeat this for 10 times. This also helps in releasing headache .

facial-yoga-Eyebrow smoothing

Forehead pressing- 

With your four fingers press your forehead by smoothing the area in the outward direction and ending at side of your head. Repeat this for 10 times. This helps in getting rid of fine lines on the forehead which occur due to stress, tension.


Pucker face –

Make a pout with your lips by tucking your cheeks inside and try to smile while holding in that posture and hold this for 1 minutes dot at least 2 times.  While doing this you will feel a great stretch on your cheeks area which help in tightening the loose skin in that area and will give your skin a great firmness and shape.


Cat face –

For this pose make a tight pout with the help of your mouth and then with your finger pull the cheeks gently towards your ears and hold it for 1 minute. You feel the stretch on side of mouth skin. It will firm and tighten the loose skin on that area if any.


Look at the ceiling –

For this pose look at the ceiling by resting your head on your back and hold this position for 2 minutes. This will help in tightening the chin area and get rid of a double chin.


 Do this for 2 times at least.

Facial yoga has been proven really helpful for many but this statement can only be believed if tried and feel the experience on our own. So let’s bring more positivity on the face and improves our skin quality for long-lasting glowing and brightness on skin.