Google and Apple Are Teaming Up


Google and Apple Are Teaming Up For Making Covid-19 Contact Tracing But Not For India.

Both the multinational companies Google and Apple are making a plan for tracking COVID-19 buy contact tracing. Let’s see how it works and not for India.

Across the globe, all lands are working together to find a clarification for the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect people and get the community to endure and work a new.

Software developers are also incurring some necessary tools to advise people and acknowledge them about their surroundings.

Google and Apple are collaborating

So Google and Apple are collaborating and making an API that will help people to rely on and let them know whenever they are near or close to any

As we know that the whole world mostly runs on both Android and iOS platforms.

Both of these companies are standing together to make a useful API that will help their users to get to know about their surroundings and the people they meet.

If they meet someone and the person becomes positive for COVID-19 they would get notified right away.

Google and Apple have joined together. They have declared a collective effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to not only help people but also administration. Healthcare services and reduce the risk of growing COVID-19 cases.

India’s contact sharing application Arogya Setu has not associated with Google and Apple’s API because of a primary reason as the API does not allow to access and receive the

Google and Apple already affirmed that the state health authority app is not allowed to use your phone location.

Another matter of fact is that the API seems not to allow public officials to collect phone numbers from their users.

But the Indian application Arogya Setu manages this information at the time of registration of the user.