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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini – 4 Easy Methods


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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini? The iPhone 12 Mini's screenshot feature can be used to record and distribute any on-screen information, photos, or other content.

    We'll walk you through several ways to snap a screenshot on your iPhone 12 Mini in this article.

    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini: 1st Approach: Using Buttons

    The most popular technique is to take a screenshot on your iPhone 12 Mini by pressing one of the physical buttons. Take these actions:

    Step 1: Locate the Screen You Want to Capture 

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    Locate the screen or piece of material you wish to screenshot.

    Step 2: Press the Side Button and the Volume Up Button at the same time.

    Pressing and releasing the Side button (formerly known as the Sleep/Wake button) and the Volume Up button simultaneously. When a screenshot is being taken, a camera shutter sound and a brief screen flash will be audible.

    Step 3: Examine and Modify the Screenshot

    Tap the thumbnail that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen to examine and edit the screenshot right away. When you do this, the screenshot will open in the Markup editor where you may annotate, draw, or write on it. Alternatively, you can later use the Photos app to access the screenshot.

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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini - Method 2: Utilising AssistiveTouch 

    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini
    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini

    You can turn on AssistiveTouch on your iPhone 12 Mini if you prefer utilising gestures over actual buttons. This is how:

    Step 1: Turn on AssistiveTouch

    On your iPhone, go to "Settings" and select "Accessibility" > "Touch" > "AssistiveTouch." Toggle AssistiveTouch on by pressing the switch. On your screen, a fictitious floating button will emerge.

    Step 2: Use AssistiveTouch to take a screenshot of the screen.

    To take a screenshot after AssistiveTouch is enabled, adhere to these steps:

    To access the AssistiveTouch menu,

      1. Tap the AssistiveTouch button on your screen.
      2. Click "Device."
      3. Click "More."
      4. To take a screenshot, select "Screenshot" at the end.
      5. When the screenshot is taken, you will notice a brief animation and hear the sound of the camera shutter.

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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini - Method 3: Utilising the Control Centre 

    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini
    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini

    Your iPhone 12 Mini's Control Centre offers easy access to a number of settings and functionality, including the capability to take a screenshot. This is how you do it:

    Step 1: Open the Control Centre 

    To access the Control Centre, swipe downward from the top-right corner of your screen. Swipe upward from the bottom of the screen on older iPhone models that still have a Home button.

    Step 2: Press the screen capture button.

    Find the "Screenshot" button in the Control Centre, which resembles a tiny camera symbol. When you tap it, a brief animation and a camera shutter sound will show you that the screenshot has been taken.

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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini - Method 4: Using Siri is Technique 

    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini
    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini

    You can utilise Siri on your iPhone 12 Mini to snap a screenshot if you'd rather go hands-free. Take these actions:

    Step 1: Call up Siri

    If you've enabled the functionality, say "Hey Siri" to activate Siri or press and hold the Side button.

    Step 2: Request a screenshot from Siri

    Once Siri is on, all you need to say is "Take a screenshot," and Siri will do the rest. A confirmation tone will play, and the screenshot will then be saved to your Photos app.

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    How to Take a Screenshot in iPhone 12 Mini - Method 5: Using the Apple Pencil and Side Button

    You may use your Apple Pencil to capture a screenshot on your iPhone 12 Mini if you have one and wish to take advantage of its features. This is how:

    Step 1: Connect the Apple Pencil to the iPhone's Side

    Your iPhone 12 Mini's right side can be magnetically connected to the Apple Pencil. It will instantly pair with your gadget.

    Step 2: Squeeze the Apple Pencil Against the Screen

    Simply tap anywhere on the screen with the Apple Pencil once it is plugged in to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be taken when you watch a brief animation and hear a camera shutter sound.

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    End Points

    For capturing and sharing content, the Apple iPhone 12 Mini's screenshot capability is a convenient and handy tool. You now have a variety of options available, whether you prefer utilising physical buttons, AssistiveTouch, the Control Centre, Siri, or the Apple Pencil. Try out various approaches to see which best meets your interests and requirements.

    Can I annotate or edit the screenshots after capturing them?

    Yes, you can annotate and edit the screenshots immediately after capturing them by tapping the thumbnail that appears or accessing them later from the Photos app.

    Where are the screenshots saved on my iPhone 12 Mini?

    Can I share the screenshots directly from my iPhone?

    Yes, you can easily share the screenshots by tapping the Share button in the Photos app or using the share options available in other apps.

    Are these methods applicable to other iPhone models as well?

    Yes, these methods are applicable to other iPhone models running the same or a similar version of iOS.

    Can I take screenshots of specific areas on my iPhone 12 Mini?

    Currently, there is no built-in feature on the iPhone 12 Mini to capture specific areas of the screen. However, you can crop or edit the screenshots to focus on specific content.


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