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INTERNET  HISTORIAN: These days a trend has been running around the world about becoming an Internet sensation in the night. It seems quite ridiculous and preposterous and one should get awestruck after hearing this to become famous and get name and fame without any sort of hard work.

This was somewhere inconsequential in past but considerable in the present scenario. Albeit, in general, up to some degree or extent, knowingly or not, we all have some concealed natural endowments which exude inadvertently after seeing somebody’s talent on the Internet, who had become Internet Sensation.

About Internet Historian.


Most of us, somewhere, wants to create history, as we all possess numerous hidden capabilities. But does anybody know about Internet Historians? As we all are familiar with the word Internet now as we all are using it round the clock. Ergo, it’s also essential to know about Internet Historian.

In simple words, a person who is an authority on the history and who studies and writes about it is known as a historian. He may be an analytical expert who comes up with coherent narratives, whose memoirs and work remain valuable for times within the cultural context.

But here we are talking about Internet Historian, who has become, Internet Sensation, Intriguingly within a short span of time. And the medium which he chooses is Youtube.

Yeah, u read it right…We r talking about Internet Historian. Most of the people who have even opened their YouTube channels will not recognize him.


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Documentaries on events

His name is Dr. Harold, who has opened his YouTube channel in 2017. He chooses to make documentaries on events on the Internet. His documentaries are notable for its, comic stocks, some interesting memes along cognitive content of informational videos. Moreover, his documentaries are interesting for their unequivocalness.


He was born on April 20, 1989, in New Zealand according to information available on the Internet. Some evidence available on Internet also suggests that he currently resides in Australia and the date of birth uploaded by him is just only a hoax. He is actually born between 1992 to 1998. He suppressed this fact so as to refrain people from putting any sort of questions.

For the very first time, he uploaded a documentary on January 9, 2017, about the 4 Chan event. Some users raided GameStop to get Battle toads. He always focuses on making short videos. Because he was very much keen to hide it from the rest of the world and personalize his channel.

His logic was that most of the actual historians will become alert on hearing the news of his YouTube Channel. He really got noticed for his drool-worthy videos after a hiatus of 2-3 weeks and got 100,000 subscribers in about 3 months.

From then YouTube became a full-time job for him. His documentaries are flooded with various photos and videos in his own accent. He normally used to croon in his deep voice with PNG images which means a popular bit map image format.


Incognito Mode, Internet Historian: Live, and Story mode

He has three more channels also named Internet Historian:

Incognito Mode, Internet Historian – Live, and Story mode. The animations done in his videos are magnificent. Unlike other Youtube channels, the most important part of his videos are advertisements which are quite convincing.

Although he has submitted himself impassively to the world of the Internet by becoming a Historian, this is a global world comprising of millions of computers that are connected together where even a newbie can fetch new heights and become an Internet Sensation by working adroitly within hours.

Kritika Puri.