Mahendra Singh Dhoni: A Genius Cricketer Who Changed The Game For India- MS Retirement


MS Dhoni Retirement

This year has been full of surprises, recently MS Dhoni declared his retirement from international cricket through an Instagram post. He had a flourishing career for more than a decade and this sudden decision has broken heart of many fans. We are all aware of the adventurous life and amazing cricket career of MS Dhoni.

Initially, Dhoni had an interest in football but he switched to cricket on the advice of his school coach. Hence, he converted from a goalkeeper in football to wicket-keeper in cricket.

At the age of 23, Dhoni made his debut in International cricket against Bangladesh in Chittagong. Unlike, his rest of the career Dhoni’s initial matches were not best for him. However, extremely hard work and complete dedication are enough to make way for success.

As a result, today MS Dhoni is considered to be the best captain that Indian cricket has ever seen.


Mahi, Between The Wickets

Almost every fan of MS Dhoni knows him by his nickname ‘Mahi’. From his first match conditions did not favour him a lot and cricket experts thought he would be replaced soon.

However, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a cricketer known for changing the conditions of the game. After being run-out on his debut match, Mahi worked a lot in his running between the wickets. As a result of which today he is known for converting singles into doubles, same is the case with his wicket-keeping skills.

Mahi has dropped a few catches and did some misfield at the initial stage of his career. It was just a matter of time and he broke several records as a wicket-keeper. Now, cricketers and experts from all over the world admire his wicket-keeping skills in the world of international cricket.

It is a big and very unfortunate coincidence related to MS Dhoni’s career, Do you know about it? He began his career with a runout and he walked back to pavilion in the same way in his last match.



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Bowlers Nightmare, The Helicopter Shot

It will be a sin to talk about Dhoni and avoid mentioning the helicopter shot. During the days of playing local cricket, Mahi learned the helicopter shot from one of his friends. Even though he is not the creator of this shot, he excelled it enough to play against world-class bowlers.

The helicopter shot is a big hit in the shorter format of the game, and many International cricketers try to play it.

However, no one is even close to the magic that Dhoni does with this shot. Dhoni emerged as a big hitter after playing at number 3 under the captaincy of Bengal Tiger Saurav Ganguly.

The confidence of getting runs one after another match made Dhoni comfortable at the spot of number three. This fearless style of playing made MS Dhoni the cricketing sensation of our country. However, later in his career, he became more serious and responsible while batting.


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Captain SuccessCool

MS Dhoni has redefined the word success and cool during his captaincy for the Indian cricket team. Hence, it would not be wrong to call him Captain SuccessCool.

Let’s talk about success first, MS Dhoni is the only Indian captain to hold two world cups of two different formats. After the bad impression created by the Indian team in 2007 ODI world cup, Dhoni led an underdog team for T-20.

All the experienced players including Sachin Tendulkar were on the rest and Dhoni was the captain of a young Indian team.

On one hand, they lacked experience, on the other hand, they were fresh talent. MS looked at the brighter side and as a result, India held the trophy of 2007 T-20 world cup. No cricket fan can ever forget the 2011 world cup final, when MS Dhoni made the whole country proud with his innings of 91 not out.

Throughout his career, Dhoni faced a lot of up and downs but every time he fell back he came in with more energy.

Under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, team India became the no.1 test team. Opening pair Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan were the results of Dhoni’s experiment at Champions Trophy 2013. His, analysis was so accurate that by the end of the Champions trophy.

India won the title, Shikhar Dhawan won the golden bat and Ravindra Jadeja won the golden ball.

MS Dhoni Retirement, Such an adventurous career of a cricketing legend ended on a sad note but we wish him luck for his next innings.