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What is makeup?

With the growing world of fashion, there has been seen very tremendous growth in the makeup Look world or we can industry. But have you ever thought that what is this makeup actually means?

When we see any girl face we say she has put so much makeup or she looks so natural in makeup, but we never came across with the meaning of this word makeup

Makeup is nothing but a technique which is used to add a pinch of enhancement in the appearance of a person. Makeup look gives you confidence.

It’s like a giving flavour to a plain boring bread with a spread of jam/ butter on it. Makeup Look is not only about putting expensive foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadows. It’s about using the correct technique of applying these products.

If you don’t have a technique and have a product you can’t say that you can do your makeup.


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Why makeup has such a deep meaning?

The other question always comes in the mind of men that why the makeup has a deep meaning and impact on females. They believe in a natural look, they believe that God has created us the way we are so there is no need of putting the artificial mask.

But that’s not true, makeup is not about putting a face mask it’s about wearing confidence on your face. Because it’s a human tendency that when you look beautiful, fit, and neat you feel amazing like full of confidence and positivity.

Your body feels light and being pampered. So that’s why this makeup has absorbed such a deep meaning and importance in such a few decades. Makeup is not something new it’s being practised for many decades. Only the difference is that of techniques, technology, more ideas and creativity and different types of makeup looks.


What are the different types of makeup looks?

As we all know that the makeup world is rapidly growing because of its high demand for products and techniques from both male and females to look beautiful. There are many makeup looks which have been introduced by some of the very famous celebrities makeup artist who are trending nowadays.

If we consider the number of looks we have in the makeup than it will be a very stupid idea and waste of time because there are unlimited looks which can be done or created. Below are some very great makeup looks for ideas which are trending nowadays.

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Colourful eyeliners:

Colourful eyeliners: The most important and favourite part of the makeup of every girl in their eyes. Every girl wants their eyes to look the prettiest and beautiful because they believe that the eyes speak your personality and this is true, your eyes speak about you.

So eyeliner plays a very important in this part. Eyeliners give your eyes a very high definition. It brightens your eyes and makes it look stylish and big.

In older times there was only one colour of eyeliner which was being used i.e. black. But with the demands and the trends, the cosmetic industries introduced the concept of colourful eyeliners.

So that the girls can match their liners with their outfits to give a more appealing look. There are many shades like brown, blue, green, red, grey, silver etc. But today time the most demanding shades are black, brown, blue, and grey. These colours give a very elegant look to your eyes.

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Nude makeup looks

Nude makeup looks: Nude makeup means using neutral colours are which are very lighter in shades or includes colours like light brownish, peach pink etc which matches with the skin tone.

This makeup look is used to enhance and perfectly covering the unwanted highlights on your skin and help you look natural and with less makeup.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup: when we talk about bridal makeup than the very first assumption in the mind of people come is that applying the whole range of cosmetics in a large quantity which leads to hiding the natural facial features, skin tone or any kind of birthmark which is an identification of that person.

But this is not true, bridal makeup doesn’t mean putting a lot of cosmetics or layers of foundation. By just using limited products we can create a great natural bridal look
which will enhance the look of the bride and give her an elegant appearance.


What we can do for Bridal makeup Look?

When you go for bridal makeup make sure you use. Light-weighted foundations which give good coverage and can easily be carried. Always try to give more attention to your eyes like your eyes should speak about your character.

For this try to use bold/ bright colours and which are contrasting with your outfit don’t go for the same outfit colour for your eyeshadow.

For more amazing eyes always wear eyelashes and if possible and comfortable try to wear contact lenses. Because contact lenses just work like a magic in your whole look. It totally changes your overall appearance and makes you look more pretty and

Don’t try to go for too many white shades of foundation to look fair just always go for shades which perfectly blends with your skin. Avoid using too much glitter on face. It will give you a very oily and shiny finish in the pictures and will look imperfect and untidy.

Only use glitters on your eyes that to which are not very messy it should be sticky and not falling on your face after application.

Too much of glitter on eyes can lead the glitters falling on the face and will give your face an imperfect picture look.

Creative/fashion makeup Look

Creative/fashion makeup: Creative makeup or fashion makeup means those makeup which includes a lot of colours, bold eyeliners, motivation and visual art.

This type of makeup is generally done on the basis of theme like in the below picture I did this pearl creative look for my model in which I used white cut pearls on her forehead to create a very elegant and dusky look.

The white pearls are a symbol of love and peace. So I created this look to give a message of love and peace to the viewers. Like this, you can create different makeup looks and give a message to your loved ones or viewers through your art.

Final Points

These were some very popular makeup looks which are trending these days in the growing makeup industry. There are much more makeup looks apart from this which you can try on your face or in others if you are passionate about makeup. And if you are an aspiring makeup artist than these makeup looks can really add a 5 star in your portfolio.