Mystery Unfold : Sushant Singh Rajput Death case



The famous struggling actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who earned his place and fame in the film industry by proving himself with the outstanding performance in a movie like MS Dhoni- the untold story and Chichore etc. The sudden suicidal news of this famous actor shocked the whole world, especially the whole Bollywood industry.

His death has raised a big question on the management of Bollywood industry and its people, the frequent attack of nepotism by the celebrities on the Bollywood industry has created a doubt on the Bollywood life shown on the television with the reality behind the curtains.

On the news of the suicidal death of the famous and the youth, the icon has created a lot of unsolved and assumed theories on his decision of taking his own life.

Nobody is ready to believe the fact that he could take such drastic steps. Even his family members are not accepting the fact of their son ending his own life which resulted in the deep investigation of his death mystery.



In the first phase of investigation done by Mumbai Police revealed the reason for the death was depression and was on medication recommended by its physiatrist which was not believed by his father and his sisters. According to them, Sushant had no reason to go into depression. He was happy and his career was on the boom.

Further investigation revealed too much sarcasm and pressure from Bollywood well-known celebrities or we can say the father of Bollywood industries like Kapoor’s, khan’s and the famous director Karan johar.

It was said that the actor was facing great rejections from these celebrities and was not treated well by them which leads to the great depression and then suicide.

Things got up more heated when the revelation of his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty came into a flashlight with whom our dearest actor was planning to tie knots in the month of November.

According to police first investigation and talk with Rhea Chakraborty, the actor was facing depression period and was taken medicine, they both up end up their relation before the suicide of the actor.


As the investigation went further with the actor’s girlfriend and talking with some close people following things were revealed:

  • 1. The actor was on medication of depression but he stopped taking them before the death as he was feeling better.
  • 2. One of actor’s sister who lived in Mumbai told the police that his girlfriend used to call any
    tantric on the flat of his brother which declared that rhea was involved in black magic
  • 3. the brother of rhea Chakraborty and her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput were business partners and all the investments were made by Sushant itself and made him suffer great loss from the company.
  • 4. the bank account detail of the actor shows the transfer of the amount around rupees 3 Crores in the account name on Rhea Chakraborty.
  • 5. It was also revealed that Rhea had an affair with the famous Bollywood music director Mahesh Bhatt.
  • 6. A recent talk with the physiatrist the actor was seeing has declared that the Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from bipolar disorder{it is a manic depression which results in frequent mood swings.


Lodged an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty

Recently the father of the deceased actor Sushant Singh Rajput has lodged an FIR with Bihar police against Rhea Chakraborty the girlfriend of the actor the reason for his son’s death.

On this step the actress. Rhea filed a petition in the supreme court to transfer the FIR against her to Mumbai branch and has demanded that investigation should be completed by the Mumbai police itself.

The suspicious point in the statement of rhea was in her initial talk with the media. She requested a CBI enquiry on the mystical death of the actor.

But when the actor’s family and fans demanded the Cbi enquiry after so many revelations against the actress. She denied to conduct CBI enquiry and instead demanded police enquiry in Mumbai only.

This sudden change of her attitude and statement has gone a deeper suspicion on her and blaming her for the death of the actor.



Recently, the actress is on run and could not be found by the police anywhere. After an arrest warrant against her has been passed by the supreme court and Bihar police are asking for the support of Mumbai police in the case. A lot of political controversies are going on between Bihar police and Mumbai police.


People are desperately waiting for the truth and mystery behind the death of the young and promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput and soon the justice will prevail to the actor and his family can live peacefully and guilt-free now the CBI enquiry has been also involved and the truth will be uncovered soon and the real culprit will be unmasked.

But till this will happen many arguments many theories many disputes will be created and arise which will create a lot of tensions between two states, between celebrities between fans.

Biggest death mystery in the history of Bollywood

This is the biggest death mystery in the history of Bollywood. We can say this death showed the reality of Bollywood.

And now the parents are going to think twice before sending their children in this industry to build their career. This incident is definitely gonna teach a big lesson to all the people in the Bollywood industry and Bollywood Gang.

Lots of love and respect to the deceased actor