Punit J Pathak : Engagement makeup vibes


Punit J Pathak: Engagement makeup vibes.

Recently, bachelor Punit J Pathak got engaged with his old school love Nidhi Moony Singh.

Looking beautiful is a dream of every girl. There is very common saying for girls that, they make the most of the time in getting ready as compared to men.

But when it comes to their special occasions like birthdays, weddings, engagement, or such other special days than they take one whole day to get ready and look the most beautiful women in the whole crowd.

In the recent updates, it was seen that the famous celebrity choreographer and the most happening B town bachelor Punit J Pathak got engaged with his old school love Nidhi Moony Singh.

Punit J Pathak images which was directly showcased from their engagement ceremony showed Nidhi wearing yellow lehenga combined flower jewellery and very natural makeup on her face highlighting her facial features. Her look was very simple and natural and perfect for engagement look.

Generally, we see women’s in the race of looking the prettiest bride sometimes overdo their look especially makeup which results in disaster and fake features. As a makeup artist here the following things I would suggest to do if it’s your engagement evening and you want to look beautiful.


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By following these simple few steps you can get a desired look for the evening:

1.Crystal Clear Skin: if you are having a great evening coming than make sure that your face is neat and clean. Like no facial hairs on skin, free from tanning, blackheads, pimples dark circles etc.this thing you can achieve by following DIY skincare routine which includes cleansing, scrub, face mask.

2. Healthy Diet: try to follow a healthy diet before 15 days or at least for 1 week before your big day so that you don’t feel any kind of bloating in your intestine. As you must have heard of whatever we eat shows the effects on our skin. So eating oil-free and less spicy food will give a natural glow to your skin. Not only but on all over your body.

3.Moist skin: Try to maintain the hydration level of the skin. This can be achieved by consuming lots and lots of water or fresh juices, fruits etc. And for at least a week use moist face mask sheets in the night it will keep your skin hydrated and moist and this will result in a good application of makeup on your face and will give you beautiful clear skin.

(You can use the face shop mask sheets it works really wonder)

4.Beauty sleep: Always take a proper 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep in before one night of the evening. This is important as it helps in improving the blood circulation in your body and maintains the level of freshness on the skin and especially gives a bright and stressed free eyes.



For better result, you can place grated cucumber on your eyes for the whole night if comfortable or for at least half an hour. It will help you can eyes free from dark circles or dirt present in your eyes. So here are a few tips which followed can help you make your big day more happening and more glowing