Reopening Of School & Ongoing Pandemic | A Lot Of Things Might Change


Reopening Of School & Ongoing Pandemic | A Lot Of Things Might Change

Reopening Of School: As soon as the lockdown was announced by the government of India due to the rising threat of novel coronavirus, the schools and colleges were also closed. And with the step by step reopening of several things via unlock 1, unlock 2, unlock 3, unlock 4 and unlock 5, educational institutes remained closed. Now the education ministry of India has issued standard operation procedure guidelines for the functioning of schools with respect to current pandemic situations.



When is the D-Day for students?

At the initial days of lockdown kids were really excited with the unplanned vacations from the schools and college students felt similarly. However, as the things started to get back on the track schools and other educational institutions were remained closed.

That’s the reason why children are tired of staying at home and they want to get rid of daily online classes.  So, the students who are desperate to get back to their schools and colleges might receive good news as Central government have permitted the reopening of school and colleges after the 15th of October.

However, the ways of functioning and everything will depend on the state government. This means that the final call depends on the state government along with that several parents are also not ready to send their kids to school any soon.

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Health or Physical school experience

For about six months into online classes, guardian of students from schools as well as colleges have started believing in this new way of study and till the pandemic is out there they are not willing to send their wards to schools or colleges.

Reopening Of School and colleges

On the other hand, school management itself is working on several ways in which there will not be a huge gathering at school premises and even in the classrooms. With respect to that, the rotational or alternate attendance could be introduced some schools might call students in the gap of every two days as well.

When students will not be attending the school, they will be advised to self-study the subjects or chapters that are essential but not very complicated. Along with that, schools might run in two shifts as well, this might include the shorter time period of running classes.

The schools will reopen with the adaptation of new normal, students will sit in the classrooms while following physical distancing norms and wearing a mask, staff, as well as teachers, will be wearing masks, the hygiene and cleanliness of every individual would be important.


New normal will change the experience of schooling

Sharing is caring; one thing that we learnt at school and it stayed with us till college will have to change after the pandemic breaks out.

Sharing of food, toys and even notes will not be allowed after reopening of schools, the recess and lunch hours will also be conducted by keeping all the safety guidelines in mind.

Guardians might not allow their kids to travel in public transport or school vehicle as well, along with that person living in containment zones will be prohibited in the school premises.

As per the directions of education ministry, there will not be any assessment after the reopening of schools for a couple of weeks. Along with the resuming of education, the emotional well being of students will also be taken good care of.

With the rising curve of coronavirus cases in the country it is quite dicey to reopen the schools but what are the other available options. Therefore, things are getting back on track and by following all the precautions and safety measures functioning of schools can be done.