The NEET & JEE Exam Scheduled Amidst Pandemic: Is It Shiksha Mantri Vs Safety Of Students?


The NEET & JEE Exam Scheduled Amidst Pandemic: Is It Shiksha Mantri Mantri Vs Safety Of Students?

Shiksha Mantri (Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal since 30 May 2019) and other officials from the education ministry of India are looking for a way to conduct these exams in a safe way. The year 2020 has definitely not been a basic year after the pandemic breaks out procedures of lockdown was taken by the government.

At that point in time it was the need of the hour to close offices, schools etc. and make these things function online.

On one hand, the number of Covid-19 cases is rising with every passing day and on the other hand, several important Entrance exams are to be held amidst this pandemic of Covid-19.

Several meetings with the officials of the home ministry have also been conducted to make a strong decision on, how to make this thing work.

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NEET And JEE, Dreams of many Indian students

The craze of NEET and JEE exams among Indian students is very high. These entrance exams were normally conducted in April and students from different parts of the country used to start their preparations for these exams as soon as they are done with their high school.

However, since this year everything has been affected by coronavirus entrance exams for JEE and NEET are not an exception to it. There are basically two groups that debate over the happening of entrance exams amidst pandemic.

A set of people believes that Shiksha Mantri and accompanying officials might successfully arrange the entrance exams while following the standard operating procedures.

On the other hand, a set of people believes that corona is a virus of very unpredicted nature and it may spread even more extensively after the gathering of students at a different examination centre of the country in large groups.


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Save The Date Is Out, But What about the safety of students

Many students and social workers are demanding to postpone these exams until it is completely safe outside. However, the supreme court of India has dismissed the pleas of postponing these exams any further.

As a result of this, the JEE mains entrance exams are going to be conducted in the first week of September 2020 from 1 to 6. Along with that, on the 27th of September, the JEE advance exams will be held for aspiring students. On the other hand other biggest exam of the country, NEET is scheduled to be held on the 13th of September.

According to our sources, the number of examination centres for NEET entrance exams are increased this year. Last year there were 2,546 centres all across the country but this year the numbers are gone up by 3,843 centres.

Several safety protocols will be taken care of while conducting these examinations but students are demanding further delay. No doubt there is a risk if students went out to give exams in masses still it’s a matter of their future and career.


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What are the major issues?

The reason due to which social activists and students are demanding a further delay of the NEET & JEE entrance exams is the chances of virus spread. When students coming from different localities and areas will be gathered under a common roof, one infected person might spread the virus among everyone.

Health and safety from coronavirus is not the only concern of people opposing these exams as many states of the country are suffering from the flood as well. On the other hand, the concern of Shiksha Mantri and Education ministry is that students are lagging almost a semester behind and any further delay might end up wasting their whole year. National Testing Agency assured Supreme Court regarding all the safety measures to avoid the mass spread of coronavirus during the examination.


Big setback

Normally, the batches of different IITs in India were used to begin from July when exams were held in April. Now when exams for the JEE mains and advance is scheduled for September, the batches might start their syllabus from December. This is a big setback and if these exams are not conducted the authorities might cancel the whole batch’s admission. For now, exams will be conducted with proper standard safety procedures.