yoga teacher

I am practicing daily yoga and meditation and doing these two things, it has healed my negativity and depression 99%. I feel so relaxed, good and now I don’t fear my future. I just live in present and work hard on things I want to achieve.


When we are in school life i.e. in a teenage life we always dream of our better future and career and always thinking of becoming a doctor, engineer, journalist, etc. In the same, I too had a dream i.e. of becoming a software engineer.
I was very much interested in Computers and my teacher used to say you should become a software engineer. This was my very first dream. I had in class 8th towards my career. Things went on slowly and in between them many ups and downs came in life like family issues, mom’s severe health issues, social life sues, and many more such things. And I start losing my interest in studies because I couldn’t give much time to studying due to several reasons. Then again in class 11th I chose commerce as my stream and dropped the dream of becoming a software engineer maybe because I was not so passionate about this.


Then with the guidance of my brother, I decided to choose the commerce stream to study the Chartered Accountancy course like my brother.

And after completing my secondary high school I started preparing for the first level of chartered accountancy course and I didn’t succeed, I tried twice but still, I got failure I was very depressed with this I didn’t know what to do.

After giving a deep thought I realized that my interest is not in this, I am doing this because my family wants me to do, so I decided to drop out from this course when I told my brother I don’t want to pursue this field anymore he got really upset and tried to motivate me but I was rigid with my decision and drop this idea.

After this, I went into a great depression, surrounded my full negativity I didn’t know what to do from where to start, everything was completely blank and blur. Nobody was there to guide me or support me, only there were people who consoled me showed sympathy for my situation. This made my situation worse. I was already feeling a big loser, it felt like I lost the most precious period of my life and I was hardly 19 years old was in 2nd-year graduation.


During my CA foundation preparation I met one girl in coaching she was elder than me and was a cosmetologist, she used to tell about her field and by listening to her daily I started gaining interest in the field of makeup artist and i got so devoted into that, I could see or imagine nothing beyond that. I told my parents I want to be a makeup artist, but due to a different mindset, my family didn’t agree to it.

They thought that this field has no future, no career its just a hobby because my family was more into the education field so they didn’t understand my passion for the creative field. But to fulfill my wish my mom and my second elder brother supported me and I completed my diploma in makeup and hairstyling from Bangalore and became a certified international makeup and hairstylist. That time I thought finally I got what I wanted now my career will be smooth.

But this was not the end. I wanted to do the job in this field but my family didn’t like this proposal and motivated me to study so they gave me an option of studying Company Secretary, I was very weak and immature to understand or fight, I thought they are right and I am interested in theory so I can do this. So, I diverted myself again into studies and qualified the first level of my course.

This gave me more confidence in doing this course and a plan which I had in my mind motivated me to pursue this course. The plan was to become Company Secretary to be independent and pursue my dreams as a makeup artist. But things didn’t go well at second level examination I couldn’t qualify my second level in the first attempt and tried 3 more attempts a but similarly, I failed.

Negativity around me

This was creating a lot of negative energies around me, I was feeling really hopeless and was leading me to a great depression, I tried to talk to my parents and brother but our different thinkings led to a lot of arguments and stress in our relations. I didn’t know what to do ho to deal with this. I console myself and gave a last try for the exam and I worked hard to gain success this time but unfortunately, I failed this time.

Result broked me from inside I went into a great depression, I used to cry like a small baby, my mind used to give lots of negativity and was motivating me to just end everything, end your life it’s not worth it. Tried to do that but couldn’t gain courage & tried to talk to my family but they were all working so nobody had time to understand my situation. Used to be alone the whole day at home and cry and irritated.


One day my elder cousin came to our house. She was very bold and full of positivity, I told her I want to go out for vacation so she told me why don’t you go to Shivananda for a yoga vacation, she was also a yoga teacher, and I really liked her idea and with her support, I went to Sivananda for yoga teacher training and that’s the point where my life took a big turning point that time was the best time of my life.

Yoga gave my mind a positive route and I was able to release some negative energy and live a happy life. That was my first 2 months in which I didn’t shed a single tear of sadness. I met new friends, I learned the new way of living.

While was doing the course I met a doctor my aunt suggested to me, I told him about my sleeping disorder, I had muscle knots in my body. So he examined me and told me that you are undergoing a great depression period these are all the symptoms of your depression. While was in 2nd year of graduation I couldn’t sleep peacefully, while sleeping also my mind used to be active i.e. I used to feel that things are going in reality whatever I am dreaming.

So he suggested me to do mediation and pursue my own dreams whatever I want to do. But I didn’t have that much courage to talk to my family and convince them.


After completing my course I came back to my aunt’s house and told her about the things doctor said. She got tensed and discussed it with my sister. They both forced me to stay with them for a few months. It was difficult to say yes as my brother’s engagement was going to take place after 10 days. But after telling them about the words of the doctor they got convinced and I stayed with them.

Still staying with them it’s been 6 months and I am practicing daily yoga with my aunt and meditation and doing these two things, it has healed my negativity and depression 99%. Feel so relaxed, good and now I don’t fear my future.Just live in present and work hard on things I want to achieve.

This yoga and meditation gave me the courage to share my feelings with my family boldly and now I am pursuing makeup artist and yoga instructor field happily and nobody is stopping me from this.

I shared my life story because sometimes the unplanned things which happen in our life can lead you to some very great unexpected results. So believe in yourself and trust me guys this is reality.
Everything happens in life for a purpose. So don’t lose hope and keep trying don’t fear of failure or people just enjoy what you are doing, and for this do meditation and yoga daily this will give you the energy to fight with the situation and your inner self…