Top Donation 2021 for Covid-19 Pendamic by Salman Khan, Other in India


Covid-19 donations By Salman khan and other Bollywood Actors, Bussiness Man, etc in India.

Donation Covid-19: Just as the Corona epidemic has engulfed the whole world. Salman Khan helped arranged for food and other resources for every village which was close to his farmhouse and help other 2,500 families. And every country in the world is going into its weaker state. While people are losing their lives, the world economy has collapsed due to this epidemic. Countries like China, America, Italy are also struggling badly with this problem.

In the time of this crisis, at the behest of the Prime Minister of India. Shri Narendra Modi, many people have provided help to fight this epidemic in the PM Care Fund. In which Bollywood, Tollywood, sports world, Indian police, army, railways, politicians, owners of a famous company, businessmen of India are helping the government. And lots of Indian people have also given their support to the nation in the fight of COVID-19.


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Covid-19 Donation by Bollywood Actors

The first name among these donors is film actor Akshay Kumar, he donated Rs 25 crore rupees.

After this, many celebrities like


Covid-19 Donation by Bussiness Man

Mr. Ratan Tata, the owner of the Tata company, gave a donation of 1500 crore rupees.

Mukesh Ambani, Anand Mahindra, Aziz Premji, etc. also went ahead and deposited funds in PM Care Fund to fight for Corona.

In the sports world, BCCI donated 50 crore rupees. And many players like Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, Gautam Gambhir, Saurabh Ganguly, Badminton player PV Sindhu, Sania Mirza, Virat Kohli, Babita Phogat, etc. also contributed to the country.

CRPF personnel donated their one-day salary i.e. 33 crores 81 lakh rupees. Many organizations like BSF, Indian Railways, etc. donated some part of their salary to the PM Care Fund.

Along with this, some actors, leaders, and organizations are coming forward and helping people, including

Those who are on duty, are also getting the necessary help to the needy people.

The impact of the lockdown in the country has been seen most on the daily wages and migrant laborers. Due to the lockdown, these people are facing a lot of difficulties to fulfill their needs. However, apart, There are many celebrities of Bollywood and many other people who are coming forward to help the workers.

Actors like Salman Khan are offering help with every passing day.


All India Special Artists Association (AISAA)

They are providing financial assistance to 32,000 daily wage earners, ranging from helping daily wage laborers. Salman Khan helped arranged for food and other resources for every village which was close to his farmhouse and help other 2,500 families.

Actor Sonu Sood is also providing all possible help to the daily wage and migrant laborers. Recently, Sonu Sood helped the laborers trapped in Mumbai to reach their homes at their own expense. Since then, many people have been asking for help through social media.

Along with this, Chef Vikas Khanna is arranging for the food of thousands of people every day. Hindustani Bhau (Vikas Phatak) is distributing food to the poor people in Mumbai.

In this way, many big leaders, actors, businessmen, common men, are helping the people of their country in the time of this crisis.

The people of India have moved away from religion, caste and are helping the needy people in the time of this tragedy.

This is the real identity of India, where despite having many religions and castes. There is only one religion of human beings, that is the religion of humanity.

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Unity in diversity is India's pride.