What is the Importance of yoga in modern life?


Importance of Yoga with Concentration

Importance of Yoga: The word yoga in itself has a deeper knowledge that a person can gain. The yoga is not only limited to the yoga asanas practised to maintain our body structure, weight and flexibility.

Yoga has many other categories as well. It includes the following:


Which yoga helps in increase of concentration power?

In today’s era, we are suspecting most of the health issues arising are related to mental health. The one and most important one is depression which is resulting at the end of life.

So here comes the very main and important concern is how yoga can help in increasing the power of concentration(Importance of Yoga). Well, our yoga gurus have given the answer to this question in the yogic world. It is “Meditation”.


What is Meditation?

This question is frequently arise in the mind of the people that what is exactly the meditation is. Sometimes the simple answer comes in mind is that “meditation means dhyana” and actually it is right also meditation is nothing but focusing or concentrating by looking inside our soul.

But the main issue is that where to concentrate and how to concentrate?


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Where and how to concentrate to increase our powers?

Basically when we talk about meditation the first comes in our mind is to sacrifice everything and sit in a straight posture and just chant Om and meditate.

But no, this is not only the correct definition of meditation. Meditation consists of deeper understanding. Meditation for concentration can be practised by anyone, anywhere, anytime. But the only thing required is regularity and determination.

It is well said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. And it’s absolutely right. Meditation is nothing but a practice a regular of giving 20 minutes minimum to ourself without thinking of nay extra works at that time.

To do meditation a person only needs to sit in a comfortable position and stay silent while keeping his/her eyes closed and keep focusing in between their eyebrows without thinking anything else. In simple I would say try to get a control on your mind which is not an easy-going task.

Because our mind is full of garbage, stress negative energy which controls us and try to distract us by releasing lots and lots of negativity energy. So this is the main task we need to fulfil thorough meditation as we meditate try not to jump on different thinking just focus on one thing.

In yoga philosophy, the 12 points for meditation had been described. These points give an overview of what things to consider while practising meditation.

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What are 12 points of meditation for improving concentration level?

1.Place: the meditation should be practised on a specific place wherever you feel comfortable and the atmosphere is calm and silent.

2.Time: generally it is said that the daily meditation should be practised on a specified time. But it’s not mandatory because it is not possible nowadays for a person to manage the time so effectively

3.Habit: there should be consistency in your practice. People think by doing one day or two days meditation can increase your concentration level but that’s not true.

It requires regularity. If meditation practised on the same daily can give you better result as it will create a habit of sitting on focusing on anything at the same easily.

4.Sitting position: the psychic of your body should be straight i.e. your neck should be straight and not tensed. A steady posture can lead to a comfortable flow of energy. A little tension in the body can become a barrier for smooth energy flow. You can support of any wall for your lower back.

5. Breath: always while doing meditation make sure your breathing is relaxed and rhythmic. Try to begin with a few deep inhalation and exhalation to bring oxygen to the brain. Inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds. This technique steadies the pranas and quiets the mind.

6. Mind: Before the starting, command the mind to be relaxed and quiet for a specific length of time. Try to focus on your present. Your success depends on your earnest desire. Try to detach yourself from hopes and fears which protects you from suffering.

7. Choose a point of concentration: always select a focal point and focus on that one selected. This technique helps you in maintaining your concentration level in one line.

Because our mind jumps like a kangaroo from here to there and it’s very difficult for us to control the mind is the starting point or you can imagine an object like start, smiling face, a point in space present in between your eyebrows and keep glaring at that imagined object to maintain your concentration level.

Never change your focus point. Always select one focus point and continue daily with the same selected focal point.

8. Choose an object of concentration: Always select an object which can be used as a medium to concentrate. Like you can use a religious symbol like om or you can chant your own mantra in your mind and focus on the chanting and try to coordinate your breathing with the mantra you will chant.

9. Giving space to the mind: At your first try let mind jump from here to there. But as you keep concentrating on your selected object or focal point the mind will eventually become concentrated along with the concentration of prana. While practising this type of yoga for concentration the mind should be free and relaxed.

10. Disassociating the mind: Try to watch your mind like you are watching a concert with a casual attitude. Tell yourself u am not the mind. I am only a watcher of it. The mind will slowly get relaxed.

11. Pure thoughts: steady concentration leaves to a successful mediation. The flow of energy like pouring of water from one container to another. Repetition of your mantra will create a strong vibration which merges with the thought vibration and leads to pure and positive energy. That’s why always chant the mantra with full energy and clarity.

12. Samadhi: with continue practice of meditation honestly helps your mind to reach in superconscious state and becomes very patient and relaxed.

It’s a long process as in samadhi one rest in a state of absolute bliss the act of knowing and knowledge both are same. This is the last stage of mind where the person is not controlled by the mind but the mind is controlled by that person.


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Final Point

The practise of meditation takes years to understand. It requires a lot of patience and regular practice to attain the final point of meditation practice. The yoga has provided this technique to not only get samadhi but to give yourself a time to understand your mind your inner self and obviously your concentration level.

This is the best way to increase your Concentration level provided by our yoga tradition. Even practising of hatha yoga can also help you increase your concentration level as it increases your patience level.