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Journey as a makeup Artist by MUA KIRTI SINGHANIA

I started wearing makeup when I was about 17 years old at high school, starting with just foundation and mascara. Today that has evolved to every type of makeup you can imagine. I have a keen interest in makeup because as per my beliefs it allows so many women, girls.Even men to feel more comfortable and confident in themselves.


When girls or ladies think about makeup I'm sure the first thing that comes to their mind is just eyeliner, mascara, lip tint, and foundation. But there is so much more to makeup; there are many types and forms that it all comes in.

Nowadays there are varieties of brands around the world known for the popular and amazing products they create.
Firstly, I will discuss in detail and show you the apparatus used to apply makeup and for what type of makeup they are used for.

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BRUSHES FACE & EYES- (Show foundation brushes)

→ Kryolan Foundation brush –

This flat bigger brush is generally used to apply liquid foundation. It makes it easy to apply foundation with this brush because it's bigger and the whisker of the brush are tighter providing more coverage to the skin

→ Kryolan Round brush -

I use this to blend out my makeup to give a more flawless and clean appearance. Because it has round edges its less likely to leave a veined line on the face, I also use this brush to blend out the concealer applied under my eyes.

→ Kryolan Powder brush-

This brush I use to wipe off my excess baking powder. It is generally used to apply powder to the face the loose whiskers enables the powder to appear more spread out, and so that you don't pick up more than needed on the brush.

Sigma Beauty blender-

beauty blenders only came into the makeup world a few years ago, it is believed that they enable the foundation to be applied much easier and more flawlessly than brushes. They are used to apply makeup by moistening the sponge and then using it to apply the liquid foundation, lastly you blot the makeup around your face to blend everything together.

Makeup Artist
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BRUSHES FACE & EYES- (Show blush/bronzer/highlighter brushes)

→ Morphe bronze & blusher brush-

These types of brushes are basically used to apply both bronzer and blush. Because it is bigger it ensures the product can go on the whole cheek and not in just one area where it would end up looking blemished.

→ kryolan fan brush-

I use this brush to apply highlighter, which I put at the tops of my cheeks. And just below my eyes and on my nose to highlight my T zone area to make it more highlighted.

→ bronzer brush-

This brush is used to define the vacancy of your cheeks, this is done by applying the bronzer in the small area of your face, which gives a shadow-look, making your cheekbones appear higher

Makeup Artist
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Basically these all eye brushes are all used to do the same thing (apply eye shadow to the eyelid and
below the eye area), however, some brushes have a specific function from other eye brushes.

→ Morphe blending brush-

Used to blend eye shadow, lessens the harshness of darker shadows and allows all the colors used to mix more nicely together

→ Morphe bigger brush-

I use this brush to apply transition colors around my crease line in my eyelid.
For example, if I was doing a smokey look I would apply a brown nude base in this area so working up to the black is more gradual.

→ Inglot Glitter brush-

I use this brush when I am applying glitter to my eyelid, it is easy to handle. Because it is flat and has a thin tip, which makes it easier to apply the sparkles or glitter glue in just the area you want it and not the whole eyelid.

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There are so many different products that are related to makeup and should be included in everyone's daily makeup. Routines to maintain healthy skin, however, these aren't always as people don't understand the importance of removing makeup and taking care of their skin.

Primers ( most important step of makeup) -

Primer, for example, is more to help ensure that foundation lasts longer on the face, there are many different types, some help maintains a more dewy (shiny) appearance and others ensure the face doesn't become oily throughout the day.

The moisturizer and serum are examples of skincare products that should be included in someone's routine (generally at night so the skin can repair itself and be replenished in the morning, and also because it is believed that wearing moisturizer underneath the foundation can break down the product).


There are so many varieties of makeup, liquid, mousse, and pressed powder foundation. It all depends on the person who is wearing it to decide which they prefer. However the most popular would be the cake foundation because it is the easiest, in my opinion, to apply to the skin.


There are many different types of products that are designed to go on the face after the foundation is applied. Colored loose powder is designed to give more coverage of the skin.
Translucent powder is designed for the same reason however the only difference is that there is no color and therefore it could be used on any skin color. I will discuss the purpose of the bronzer and highlighter in the coming slides.


Contouring is used to give the face a slimmer appearance; the bridge of the nose, forehead, cheeks & chin can be contoured in a makeup routine. Areas that want to be highlighted on the face can be done using a concealer; generally, this is done on the forehead and under the eyes to cover dark circles.


Baking is a trend that gives areas a brightened look, under the eyes is the most common place to bake. It is done with a loose powder that is translucent in color. However, under the forehead and fine lines can also be baked as it can diminish the appearance of lines and can ensure makeup stays on the face longer.

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Now I will show you different types of products that are used on the eyes in a makeup routine. And two of my favorite types of eye makeup looks.

There are many designs of eyeliners that are used by today's makeup lovers. Some of them are listed below

Fake eyelashes:

Fake lashes are used to make the eyes big and attractive. Those who have less natural eyelashes they usw these fake lashes. Which are made from natural hair and are used with eyelash glue to stick it.

Below is the picture of golden eye look fake lashes are used. The kingdom of lashes is the best lashes I have ever used. Its light weighted and looks really natural and attractive. It's a bit expensive but they are useable and worth buying.

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Thankyou very much for reading my presentation, I appreciate your time and hope that you learnt something new about makeup.

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