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    Digital Piracy: We are compromised-HDmp4Mania

    Last updated on March 13th, 2021 at 06:01 am

    HDmp4Mania is a piracy website used to download Movies and Tv Shows. This website is banned by GOI(Govt. of India)

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    Digital Piracy: We are compromised

    We all are covered with the digital network directly or indirectly, knowingly or not knowingly. There is always so much information out on the Internet that almost everyone is compromised.

    Lots of us are unaware of this even if we don't have a smartphone with us. Today I will talk about some darker shades of digital piracies that are around the world. I will cover mostly about the piracy websites which are dangerous and has suspicious activities.
    Piracy websites are made to redirect users to infect their computers and hijack their precious data.

    The whole thing is to lure the people and earn money from advertisements and offer cracked software and downloadable content, which are mostly movies with high-quality content provided by peers to peer connections. Some use cracked software for injecting trojans and malware for infecting the end user.

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    You often visit sites like  KatmovieHD, 1337x, Kickass torrents, Extratorrents, and many more.

    HDmp4Mania Is a Piracy website?


    HDmp4Mania is an illegal website. The Website HDmp4Mania is providing for High Definition Movies for downloading.

    HDmp4Mania become a famous website for downloading Movies from different Categories and Also Provide TV Shows and Web series.

    Similar HDmp4Mania websites:

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    2. hdmp4mania com
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    14. hdmp4mania org

    Why Users are looking for this website

    Users are looking for this site to download high-Quality Movies and also for TV Shows and Web series Of Netflix and Amazon Prime to download.

    This Website contains a large category to download Movies TV Shows and Web Series.

    Categories and Features

    Website have Different Quality of movies are as follow

    HDmp4Mania website Developer provides different formats and sizes of movies to download. As per their availability and size of the user who wants to download.

    • 300 MB
    • 600 MB
    • 2 GB
    • 4 GB

    HDmp4Mania Upload many new Movies and Web series within a day of release that movies or Web series.

    Users will find various movies and shows from various categories and languages on the site.

    • WWE Raw
    • WWE – Extreme Rules 2020
    • Impact Wrestling – Slammiversary 2020
    • The Song of Scorpions
    • WWE Smackdown
    • WWE 205 Live
    • Ghosts of War
    • The Other Lamb
    • Target Number One
    • Amulet
    • WWE NXT
    • AEW Dynamite
    • TNA Impact Wrestling
    • AEW Dark
    • Coma


    1. Bollywood
    2. Hollywood
    3. Web series
    4. Hollywood Dubbed in Hindi
    5. TV Shows
    6. Hindi TV Shows
    7. English TV Shows
    8. Normal Quality and Low Size Mp4 Movies
    9. Wrestling WWE
    10. SmackDown
    11. RAW
    12. Wrestling NXT


    Different genres of movies and TV shows Web series available on the site:

    • Horror
    • Drama
    • Romance
    • Action
    • Sci-fi
    • War
    • Thriller
    • Sports
    • Mystery
    • Tragedy
    • Mythology
    • Comedy
    • Children
    • Web series
    • TV series

    Alternative of HDmp4Mania

    Legal Alternative

    NOTE :

    We have presented the particulars of HDmp4Mania for your awareness purpose only. We do not recommend downloading Movies in any method. Moreover, we request our users to support the law and avoid using torrent movie sites.

    These websites have several groups who manly upload content, which is highly specific to the user's need. If you want an activator for windows, you might be able to get an AutoKMS for this; if you can get even further, you might get a permanent activator for windows, which is highly dangerous for your computer.


    This software will work like a charm, but they tell you to turn off the system anti-virus protection. They inject their executables file, which lives in the Windows System32 folder, and you can never be able to delete them. You might get infected with ransomware when you get much deeper into these websites. They lock down your system files encrypting every file with some 128-bit hash and ask for a considerable ransom. You can never trust them.

    We download many software and movies from such websites, we don't care about the risks of digging and going into the darker side of the Internet.

    Digital Piracy and Money

    Digital Piracy is all about money. Some users might want all the music, software, games, and movies free. They pay this with a more precious thing that is data. Today we are so compromised that our location is tracked with 100m precision. The hackers can even track our regular day to day activity and often breach the phones to get all the user data and then get some money out of it.

    Digital Security is another term for protecting yourself and your data from this Internet world. There are often some significant steps to follow. If you are using these websites and have a social life to follow. You might wanna follow these steps to keep yourself safe.
    -Use of Anti-Virus and Firewalls: Real-time protection helps a lot from virus protection. Firewalls are often used to allow and block the connection to make specific apps for using and preventing them from using the internet facilities.

    -> Keeping your software up-to-date:

    Make sure you use the latest stable channel of any software you use, They contain security patches in them. They help in burning the bugs and save us from any breach.

    -> Two Factor Authentication:

    Using your mail and social services with two-step authentication and making backup codes. For accessing your account when you are using a different system for logging in to your account.

    -> Backing up data regularly:

    If you have a data breach, this might help you. Backing up all your data in cloud services like for saving the photos, use Google Photos for keeping the pictures in High Quality helps, Saving all your personal documents in Google Drives or offline drives.

    ->Learn about Phishing:

    Learning about who might look up into your password and pins, physically or via some source will leave you vulnerable. Try gaining some knowledge of phishing and eavesdropping.

    -> Use Mobile Devices more Securely:

    Use your devices more securely by installing anti-virus and activating anti-theft services, which make your device safer. It controls things as erasing your device via cloud, setting the alarm, and even telling your device location on the go.


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