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    Environment Day Protection Act 1986 :

    We all celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June 2020 Environment Day also have the Protection act 1986. But this time Environment Day is different from previous years. In fact, every year, on Environment Day, all the things that appear in the world. We cried in the polluted environment but this time there is nothing like that. This time the environment has become very new, savoury, and clean. These things are not an exaggeration.

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    The COVID-19 caused a long lockdown throughout the world. Due to this, people's interference in nature gradually decreased. The result was that nature came out openly, in its natural form. The coronavirus has caused a major loss to humanity but has a positive impact on the environment.

    Environment Day Protection act 1986
    Environment Day Protection act 1986

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    Water quality-

    Due to COVID-19, people lived in their homes, so there was no movement on the banks of the rivers, or sea. Whether for fishing or for picnics, due to this water of the rivers becomes clean and clear. In areas such as Venice, the water has become so clear that the habitats under the river can be seen. And the flow of water has become much better than before. There is no doubt that due to reduced human movement, the condition of the sea is also improving now. Marine life is thriving.

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    Effect on animals-

    The lockdown saw a decline in the order of fishing by fishermen, meaning that biomass would increase after fishing. And, animals have also been seen roaming freely. Where an animal lived with humans, he could not even dare to appear once. Sea turtles have been seen returning to areas. And where they once avoided laying their eggs, all due to the presence of humans.

    Effect on vegetation

    Due to the people staying in their homes, No vehicles have been seen on the road. Due to this, the pollution rate has been decreased and air and water have been purified, and plants are growing better. If there is no interference from humans in nature, then there has come to a standstill and with this, the plants are getting full opportunity to grow. This rate of carbon in the environment has been reduced considerably. The closure of mills and factories has reduced the flow of garbage in the rivers. And the rivers have become very clean.

    As soon as the corona epidemic spread. Life in most countries of the world had stopped, business, vehicles, trains, and flights stopped. Hotels, restaurants, and clubs are closed. Obviously, there is a clear change in the environment. Not only has pollution decreased, but the carbon emissions of countries with rich and dense industries have also fallen rapidly. For example, when Corona is the worst there, carbon emissions were reduced by 25%.

    Environment Day Protection act 1986
    Environment Day Protection act 1986

    The effect of the coronavirus on the environment is positive will this effect last long? 

    Because after some time when this epidemic ends, the lives of people will start running again in the same way. Then its effect on nature will be spoiled again, the environment will be contaminated.

    The pollution rate will increase and the effect will be on the climate. So, The question is whether the rich countries will be serious about climate change after the Corona crisis. Whether developing and poor countries will have enough strength to pressurize the emitting countries to take climate action.

    Talking about climate change or climate policy may seem a bit strange and unusual in view of the widespread attack of coronavirus around the world and human life. When all of us are facing the question of life and death. There is a danger of the global economy collapsing, are we still right to think about climate policy? 

    The Coronavirus has infected more than 13 million people worldwide and killed more than 1lakh people. 

    Environment Day Protection act 1986
    Environment Day Protection act 1986

    So should we fight this disease now or think about climate policy?

    All the countries around the world have put their resources to fight Corona right now. But it is important to talk about climate policy and the Environment Day Protection act 1986 at this time also. Because ignoring climate and the environment can bring more such epidemics in the future. 

    Our environment and biodiversity, which is an important part of climate policy and the Environment Day Protection act 1986, is related to this crisis.

    The impact of Covid-19 on the GDP of all the countries in the world has been impacted and the climate change in developing and poor countries for at least four decades.


    Since industrialization, the carbon deposited in space constantly increases the temperature of the earth. Due to which melting of glaciers and rising sea water level, there are frequent incidents of floods and droughts, along with the increase of cyclonic storms, Along with the loss of agriculture and employment, it is also increasing the displacement of the local people. With this, the efficiency of the workers and their health is also being affected.

    In February this year, the temperature of the poles was measured at 20 degrees which is a record. In the report released in March, the World Meteorological Organization said that rising temperatures across Europe, along with India, Australia, and Japan, are affecting people's health.

     According to statistics, the last five years and the entire decade have been the hottest on earth.

    Relation between Corona and climate-

    Due to the impact of global warming, climate policy debate is fixed all around. Experts have been warning about its dangers for a long time. If the last three years are considered, then the Climate Panel (IPCC) of the United Nations.Which has well-known climate change experts and scientists from all over the world. He has given three major reports that explain the bad impact of climate change on humanity.

    According to the Report-

    Due to the sudden change in weather in climate, the incidence of flu is continuously increasing. Scientists said that the flu is reaching densely populated areas due to extreme. Weather fluctuations and that by 2050, influenza cases in large cities will increase by 20% -30%.

    While all countries of the world must reduce carbon emissions and emphasize pure energy options (solar, wind and small hydro projects). It is also important to understand that tampering with nature means changing the climate, COVID-19 Pandemic is equivalent to inviting flu-like threats.

    Environment Day Protection act 1986
    Environment Day Protection act 1986

    Corona crisis-

    The Coronavirus is currently the biggest crisis for India and the world, but if you look at the IPC report and other research. Climate change has been haunting humanity for a long time and its injury has increased the most in the last two decades. Research is now proving its negative impact on the GDP of countries like India. Not only India but the climate of all the poor and developing countries of the world will also be affected by this.

    How long the Corona crisis will last in India and how much it will affect our economy is not yet clear. But it is certain that it can seriously hurt our socio-economic conditions. In such a situation, making its impact on global climate policy. Protecting the interests of the country should be the first priority of the government after the Corona crisis.


    This article aims to show the positive and negative indirect effects of COVID-19 on the environment. Particularly in the most affected countries such as China, the USA, Italy, and Spain. Our research shows that there is a significant association between contingency measures and improvement in air quality, clean beaches, and environmental noise reduction.

    On the other hand, there are also negative secondary aspects such as the reduction in recycling and the increase in waste. Further endangering the contamination of physical spaces (water and land), in addition to air.

    Global economic activity is expected to return in the coming months in most countries (even if slowly). So decreasing GHG (Greenhouse gases) concentrations during a short period is not a sustainable way to clean up our environment.

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